Can You Customize Themes in GBWhatsApp?

Themes in the messaging definitely increase the user experience because it can add a personal touch in daily communication. GBWhatsApp is a quite different version of WhatsApp that you might know, some of its customization options are easily explained in themes.

GBWhatsApp Theme Customisation Introduction

If you are using GBWhatsApp, you get a lot of options to customise themes which is not at all present in the basic WhatsApp. GB users are free to access thousands of themes present in its theme library that is maintained and released with new ones time to time by the developer of the app itself.

Methods for Customizing Themes on GBWhatsApp

Accessing the Theme Library

Users first have to enter the theme store in order to start customizing themes in GBWhatsApp Done from the Settings menu:

Open GBWhatsApp.

Tap on 'GBSettings'.

Select 'Themes'. Users can discover an extensive collection of themes, categorized based on their popularity, newest ones, or category.

Applying a New Theme

Changing themes (and adding new themes) from the theme library is also extremely easy once you are there.

Choose a theme of your preference.

Tap "Apply" beside the name of the theme

The theme will be auto downloaded and applied using the app

You will need to restart GBWhatsApp to see the changes on WhatsApp on built-in dark mode.

Creating Custom Themes

GBWhatsApp also brings the ability to create your themes, but some of them may look weird in the app. Even if you want to start from scratch, you can customize the existing themes within the app itself. With this framework, users can customize the text color and the background of the chat as well as choose the chat bubble style and to the notification bar.

Theme Customization Advantages

Themes Features: Essentially, the theme section of GBWhatsApp is a way to customize the look and feel of the app by changing the color and other settings to make the app more visually comfortable. To make it easier on the eyes and use at night, users can prefer shades or change colors according to their reading format.

Things to Consider When Creating a Theme

While the capability of altering the UI theme is a glorifying feature, the performance should also be considered similarly. A few themes could use more system resources than others, slowing down the app experience for older devices. Users should either use performance-optimized themes or tweak settings to keep their apps looking good, but not at the expense of app performance.

Final Thoughts

Customizing themes in GBWhatsApp provides one of the great options from users they can do some personalized experience in their messaging consumer. With countless themes to choose from, or the ability to design their own, GB is much wider in the aesthetic arena than the standard WhatsApp. These customizations options are why users find GBWhatsApp more engaging and love to have their messaging app in a manner that it depicts them completely.

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